Ahearn & Soper is excited to announce the release of its latest Provision WMS software update. This comprehensive update aims to provide users with enhanced functionality, improved performance, and a more streamlined user experience. 

The new software update introduces several notable features. These features include: 

PV2.2.4 P16 Release Notes Here’s a summary of the exciting enhancements from our latest update –

1. Improved Inventory Management: Ti/Hi configurations are now available in the item master setup for better organization.

2. Optimized Picking Process: New UOM handling restrictions ensure the best unit of measure fit during picking, allowing multiple pickers to work efficiently on an order.

3. Enhanced Replenishment Logic: The system now considers maximum pallet count and weight before suggesting replenishment locations.

4. Streamlined Assembly Management: Double-clicking on an item in the Assembly BOM Listing

5. Simplified Purchase Order Management: A new “View PO” button has been added to the PO Manager screen for quick reference.

6. Consistent Pallet Handling: Full pallet replenishment now preserves the pallet type.

7. Efficient Replenishment by Quantity: No need to scan item code or lot ID when replenishing from a pallet with only one item and lot.

8. Better Carrier Management: A new SCAC code column has been added to the Carrier selection grid and Shipment Manager Main grid for improved tracking.

9. Detailed Event Logging: Sublot information now appears in the Event Log when moving inventory.

10. Enhanced Assembly Module: BOM picking, and assembly completion now support pallet ID usage, with a new setting in the workflow parameters.

The above-mentioned features are only a few of notable updated features. 

Ahearn & Soper Provision WMS are thrilled to release this software update to its loyal users. We have listened to their feedback and incorporated their suggestions into this update to deliver an exceptional user experience. We are confident that the improved performance and the new features will greatly benefit our users. 

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