Ahearn & Soper is excited to announce the release of its latest Provision WMS software update. This comprehensive update aims to provide users with enhanced functionality, improved performance, and a more streamlined user experience.  

The new software update introduces several notable features. These features include: 

  1. Capture employee indirect tasks – WMS offers a seamless way for mobile warehouse associates to track their time against tasks not directly related to traditional warehouse operations.  For 3PL customers, these hours can be associated to specific clients. 
  2. Location Maximum Weight restrictions – The location (ET) full pallet maximum weight parameter is now factored into the location selection of the put away logic.  This enhancement reduces the possibility of a location being overloaded when moving full pallets. 
  3. Enhanced serial number tracking – WMS now can track up to 5 unique elements of a serialized product as well as individualized notes and weight.  Serialized product can also have an unlimited number of file attachments linked to them including pictures, documents, pdf. Etc. 
  4. Enhanced serial number processing – WMS now can predefine serial numbers that are expected to be received on an inbound order as well as preselect serial numbers that must be shipped on an outbound order. 
  5. Quick action location pick control – Enhanced ability to select a group of locations and toggle their “Allow Pick” parameter on or off. 
  6. New item master subcategory and temperature range parameters. 
  7. New Assembly module UI allowing for multiple tabs to be open in the same application instance.  Individual tabs can be dragged out of the app window for independent processing. 
  8. New RF “Spot Count” utility.  This allows the RF user to perform location spot counts anytime without generating a count profile first.  (Some restrictions apply) 
  9. Easily link any number of attachments to WMS item master records, Inbound orders, and outbound orders.  The linked files can be accessed and opened easily and anytime. 
  10. Easier and faster full pallet handling.  Pick reserved pallets in any order as well as perform bulk pallet inventory moves from one location to another. 
  11. Keep track of the pallet types in your warehouse throughout the operation 
  12. Perform count backs on items in a location while picking based on workflow configurations. 

The above-mentioned features are only a few of notable updated features. 

Ahearn & Soper Provision WMS are thrilled to release this software update to its loyal users. We have listened to their feedback and incorporated their suggestions into this update to deliver an exceptional user experience. We are confident that the improved performance and the new features will greatly benefit our users. 

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