We have all heard the buzz words, SaaS solutions, cloud computing, and web client software. But what is SaaS really? And how can running your proVision WMS with a cloud-based SaaS solution benefit your warehouse business? The short answer is; by giving you all the power of proVision WMS, but with much less hassle for your IT department.

What is SaaS and why should I go for it? The simple description, Software as a Service is a way to distribute software without the customer having to install the complete infrastructure to run it. With SaaS the software provider ProVision WMS provides the services, data­base, and code, which the user then accesses on their connected devices via a secure internet connection.

Choosing ProVision WMS SaaS solution reduces the need for investment in in­ternal IT infrastructure. It can also be a strategic advantage when using out­sourced IT Services or redirecting current IT Staff towards the more valuable competencies.

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