Today there are two main drivers for companies investing in sustainability. We can call them Compliance and Competitiveness. The first is about government and authorities. The other is business owners placing higher sus­tainability demands on companies, in­cluding warehouse activities.

Sustainability is also about keeping your customers happy. According to an IBM survey 57% of customers are will­ing to change their purchasing habits to reduce negative environment impact. Companies must be able to measure, document and prove their sustainability or lose business.

How can you make your warehouse more sustainable?

The concept of sustainability has three dimensions; financial, environmental, and social. In a warehouse this translates into achieving more with fewer re­sources, thereby keeping profitability while reducing its footprint. But it also means using technology and optimization to improve the work environment among warehouse personnel.

A warehouse management system plays a big part in enhancing sustainability in the warehouse. It predicts, controls, and analyses operations, allowing for ef­ficient use of resources and providing data for sustainability reporting.

The people at proVisionWMS have the expertise and experience to implement­ing a path to a sustainable warehouse environment.

4 Ways ProVision WMS can improve sustainability in your warehouse

  • Reduce Transport Distance around the warehouse by calculating the shortest pick routes to save energy and reduce wear and tear on your lift trucks.
  • Improves inventory accuracy and safety by allowing and sup­porting forecasting and smart allocation, avoiding over-purchasing and over-stocking.
  • Enables effective reporting on sustainability data by facilitating measurement of processes and making data visible.
  • Helps avoid unnecessary return transport by reducing picking errors through better control. By smart scanning or RFID control and extra veri­fication during picking.
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